Space, Schedule and Website Renaissance

VoC Central is now at 2100 Emerson Ave North.  We are so happy to have a nice large dance room with hardwood floors and to be back close to JXTA and Avenue Eatery.  We will be working with Kwanzaa Church who owns the building to create a Healing Space for North Minneapolis. Big thanks to Sister Katherine and Pastor Galloway and Jase and Iyana Jases mom for hooking this all up!

All VoC rehearsals, little biddle class and African Dance class will be at 2100 Emerson (The Healing Space). For now ring the doorbell and enter through the green door on 21st or come around to the church office door on Emerson which will be open when we are in session.


Manjanis will come back in session at 2pm on Saturdays as long as we do not have a show.

VoC Little Biddles will start at 3pm.  Our smallest and youngest members will have exculisve instruction on drum and dance for 30 minutes. 

VoC Rehearsal will be from 3:30-4:30 and we will go hard.  New rule: you must pass rehearsal in order to participate in that week’s upcoming performances.

VoC African Dance class for Adults will start at 5pm on Saturdays.  This is a new class for adults and taught by Ms. Kenna.  VoC members are welcome to help drum or even take class in the back.  Talk to Ms. Kenna for more questions about how this class will work.

AS ALWAYS VOC IS A BLACK SPACE.  You are welcome to invite people who support Black space and understand why.  Have them talk to me with questions.  

And finally, WELCOME to the re/born VoC website.  You can always find our calendar of events here.  Soon I’ll be putting some promotional, informational and educational information on the website.  For now, check here for the schedule of practice, class and shows.

© Kenna-Camara Cottman 2016