When Black people are healthy, physically and mentally, we are much better equipped to deal with the realities of being Black in America in 2020.  

We Black Americans need to have a good understanding of our cultural legacy and our history outside and inside of American enslavement and oppression.  

Cultural arts stemming from the Black American oral tradition are not performances, but expressions of deep values and rituals that have carried us through our journey.  

Voice of Culture creates and maintains Black space for Black people to engage in the study and practice of cultural arts for mental health and physical wellbeing.  

Voice of Culture is a nonbinary Black space that respects and explores spectrums of all kinds. 

Queer Black people are welcome and cherished here.  Black Trans Women are welcome and honored at Voice of Culture.   

VoC has a focus on youth and also seeks to connect with families and individuals of all ages.  

VoC is not a dance company or a drum class, Voice of Culture is a Black family.  

The cultural arts we practice are drumming, dancing, singing, storytelling, visual arts and more.  We study and practice in an effort to become who we are meant to be, to understand ourselves and our story, and to strive toward wholeness and unity inside of pluralism.  We are not the same yet we are one. Ubuntu.  Imani, Nia, Kujichagulia.

Things our work addresses:

Healing and wellness of the Black Community

Expanding the spectrum of Blackness

Development of the Northside

Shifting public space to being safe for Black Citizens

Providing and creating Black Space for cultural practice at no cost to the community

Truth and reconciliation for societal change


VOICE of Culture is a Black Family sharing and creating West African rhythms and movements with a Black American twist.  Since 2008, 

V. O. C. has provided culturally based engagement to the community.  We, the people in VOICE of Culture are cultural artists practicing skills that promote mental health and physical wellbeing as we honor the art and traditions of our ancestors.

Led by Kenna-Camara Cottman |  612-481-6447